March 29, 2022

Partnership As A Powerful Tool For Growth with Amit Dogra

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to build a strong team of partners. Partnership can create a powerhouse of individuals working together in synergy toward a common goal - developing their businesses and themselves as leaders. 

In today’s episode, Craig talks with Amit Dogra, President & COO of tru Independence, a services-based platform that provides unconflicted, uncompromised advice for new and existing RIAs.

Amit is an executive with more than 20 years of experience in helping investment advisors, FinTech firms, family offices, and wirehouse firms grow through business leadership, practice management, service delivery, investment management, business development, and relationship management. At tru Independence, Amit is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations, growing the business, and driving execution across all areas of the company.

Amit talks with Craig about some of the key areas entrepreneurs need to focus on to grow their businesses, what advice he can give to wirehouse advisors considering going independent, and why partnership can be a powerful tool for business growth.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:38] - What attracted Amit to a career in wealth management.
  • [04:54] - Some of the key areas entrepreneurs need to focus on to grow their businesses.
  • [09:47] - Amit's advice to wirehouse advisors thinking of going independent.
  • [13:00] - Why partnership is a powerful tool for growth.
  • [17:48] - Among so many choices, why Amit chose tru Independence.
  • [21:43] - Amit's greatest inspirations in the world of wealth management.
  • [26:10] - The concept behind his favorite tagline - “Energy plus velocity equals execution”.


[06:55] - “You’re an entrepenuer, you’re a business owner. And you set the tone and tenor for the leadership of the culture of their business." - Amit Dogra 

[11:40] - "Transitioning is intense. Transitioning is not fun. Transitioning is never easy. But the good news is, it's all overcomeable and it's not infinite. It's finite." - Amit Dogra 

[13:46] - "Everybody has a coach. Everybody has a partner and partnership isn’t a sign of weakness." - Amit Dogra

[15:59] - "Partnership isn't a weakness. Partnership is progressive. Partnership is an enhancement and partnership gets you back to what you wanted to do, speaking with clients, growing your business, being a leader and an entrepreneur." - Amit Dogra


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