Feb. 22, 2022

Investing in Clients, and Finding the Right Partners and Coaches with Tommy Martin

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Many businesses will invest in new marketing strategies, but fail to invest in ways that will help them truly capture and keep more clients. 

In today’s episode, Craig talks with Tommy Martin, Partner and CEO at Vestia Wealth Advisors, CEO at Mammoth, and author of the bestselling book, Doctor’s Eyes Only.

Tommy brings a wealth of experience to his role at Vestia. Tommy has been named nationally to Investment News’ inaugural list of Top 40 Under 40 Advisors, and was selected as one of eight industry visionaries “who will pull the rest of the profession into the next stratum”.

Tommy talks with Craig about what inspired him and his team to work with healthcare professionals, how they help clients achieve their goals, and why finding partners and coaches is key to running a successful business.

Key Takeaways

  • [02:30] - Why businesses need an operating system.
  • [03:49] - The motivation behind Vestia Wealth Advisors' foundation.
  • [05:56] - What inspired Tommy and his team to serve healthcare professionals.
  • [09:44] - How Vestia helps clients achieve their ultimate goals.
  • [12:46] - What led to the formation of Mammoth.
  • [21:29] - How Tommy views alternative investments.
  • [25:00] - How Mammoth manages the technology side of the business.
  • [27:22] - The importance of having a coach, even for professionals.
  • [29:36] - The conversation that changed Tommy's life as an advisor.
  • [33:38] - What factors influence advisors' decision to become independent.
  • [40:02] - Tommy's advice to business owners and advisors.


[16:19] - "As a wealth manager, I am not recommending people rush out and build their own funds. I think very few firms should actually do that. For us, it was 20 years in the making. We'd already had some experience with private real estate funds. And the next kind of the new extension to that was to do some special purpose vehicle in the healthcare space that we knew." - Tommy Martin

[27:22] - "One of the things I just came to believe pretty early in my professional career is that everybody who is doing really outstanding things has some incredible support with them. Nobody's doing it alone." - Tommy Martin

[40:42] - "Be absolutely intentional about what you’re are trying to accomplish. And I think what happens to most advisors is they get trapped in the whirlwind of the day-to-day business and they're never able to step back and work on the business. If you're not spending at least half a day very intentionally working on the business, not in it, how do you expect to move forward and make progress?" - Tommy Martin


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