May 3, 2022

Helping Advisors Plan Their Wealth Management Strategies with Gavin Spitzner

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Financial advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to manage their money in the best way possible. This means looking into all aspects of wealth management, from choosing the right investment vehicles to asset allocation and diversification. With the wealth management industry constantly evolving, how can advisors stay on top of emerging trends and developments?

In today’s episode, Craig talks with Gavin Spitzner, Founder and President of Wealth Consulting Partners. Following a successful 25-year career in the financial services advisory and wealthtech space, Gavin launched Wealth Consulting Partners in 2015 with a mission to help forward-looking wealth management organizations and the providers that serve them transform, evolve, and achieve their unique business goals.

Gavin talks with Craig about how wealth management has evolved over the years, and what advisors need to pay attention to when it comes to investments, technology, outsourcing, and alternative investments.

Key Takeaways

  • [02:01] - What led Gavin to form Wealth Consulting Partners.
  • [06:42] - How wealth management has evolved over the years.
  • [09:53] - Gavin's advice for financial advisors and planners.
  • [12:58] - A few top technology providers that every advisory firm should look into.
  • [16:48] - What advisors need to pay attention to when it comes to investments.
  • [21:22] - Gavin's thoughts on crypto investing.
  • [25:59] - Why outsourcing is a great way to grow a business.
  • [28:10] - What the future holds for M&A.
  • [32:21] - How RIAs can best represent buyers or sellers.


[21:44] - "85% of millennial millionaires have 50% or more of their worth in crypto, which is an amazing stat. But whether you believe in it or not as an asset class, you can't hide your head in the sand. For some, whether you believe in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies themselves, blockchain itself is probably the clearest winner, no matter what ends up happening." - Gavin Spitzner

[26:22] - "There's so much to do to run the business, grow the business, and manage the business. You have to be selective. You have to decide. And the good news is there's more options than ever before to outsource things and be able to keep the things that matter to you." - Gavin Spitzner

[36:00] - "We need more people in this business with high EQ, with humanities backgrounds, other backgrounds, not necessarily just everybody coming out of college with a finance degree. We need to diversify.” - Gavin Spitzner


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