June 14, 2022

Best Practices for Optimizing Business Performance with Craig Butler

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Today's rapidly changing business landscape necessitates speed and agility — a lone wolf can no longer survive. The most successful businesses are the ones that have the right team in place. Of course, not every business has the luxury of hiring employees with all of the required skills. 

In this episode, Craig talks with Craig Butler, Chief Growth Officer and Managing Partner at tru Independence. With nearly three decades of working directly with advisors, Craig has developed extensive knowledge and expertise around how to optimize business performance and enterprise value. Craig is currently engaged in multiple professional roles at tru, including business strategy, innovation, and business development. He is the architect of the tru Advantage practice management program designed to help advisors transform their financial practices into high-performing businesses.

A Certified Birkman Consultant and a Certified Journey Business Coach, Craig talks about his best practices for coaching business teams, the importance of delegation to business growth, and the mindset advisors must have before going independent.


Key Takeaways

  • [01:41] - Craig's rich history in wealth management.
  • [02:54] - Why Craig is passionate about working with independent RIAs.
  • [04:14] - Craig’s best practices for coaching business teams.
  • [06:56] - How advisors can build the best client experience.
  • [09:58] - How the pandemic has affected client experiences in advisory firms.
  • [11:50] - The importance of delegation in business growth.
  • [18:11] - What drives wirehouse financial advisors to become independent.
  • [21:44] - How Craig provides value to independent advisors.
  • [24:47] - The mindset advisors should have before going independent.
  • [30:27] - Craig's favorite authors and mentors.


[05:46] - "I think understanding the unique personality of everybody on a team is important to understand the organizational strengths. What they bring to the table needs to be leveraged appropriately and understanding what motivates and drives them." - Craig Butler

[06:38] - "I'm a big believer that you can't have a great business unless you have a great team. I've never seen a great business that doesn't have a great team to support it." -Craig Butler

[15:04] - "People think they're going to save money by trying to do all the other kinds of things on their own without hiring the right staff. But ultimately, the opportunity costs are very high in a scenario like that." -Craig Butler


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